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I might have a C in Organic Chemistry, is that bad?

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Hello there, 

I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that all of my classes have basically gotten finalized and I have A's in most of them, including labs! The bad news, however, is that the only class I will not get an A in is Organic Chemistry, and right now I am on the border between a B and a C in that class and I am very anxious because my final exam is in a couple days and I am worried because I understand that a C will not look good on a transcript when applying to medical programs (I plan on becoming either a PA or PT). I am also a sophomore and my overall cumulative GPA is 3.66 and my science GPA is 3.53 so far. If I do end up getting a C, should I retake the class or not? Thanks in advance for those who answer!

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I personally wouldn't repeat organic to raise a C to a B.

Your grades overall are good. If anything -- assuming you have the time and money -- consider taking something new to demonstrate your academic skill. Could be biochem (which may already be a requirement), or pathophysiology, or genetics.

One ding on a new car doesn't make it a clunker. And they all get one, sooner or later.

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I got a C in Organic I and a C- Organic II when I was in college, 2009ish.  I applied to PA school last year with that and did not get accepted (not only reason why probably).  I retook Organic I and got an A and got A's bunch of other science classes and am smashing Organic II, have an A right now.  Working full time, etc.  Applied with my updated classes and HCE hours and was accepted this year.  I also had a lower cGPA and sGPA than you, you'll be fine if you don't get too many more C's.

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I honestly don't remember what I got in organic chemistry...

I do vividly remember after each test our teacher writing the class average on the board (somewhere between 30-40%).  Then he would say the good news is that I have added a 46 point curve to the exam.

I would sit there and wonder to myself... if the average is a 36... does anyone really understand/know what is going on?  Is this really furthering my education?

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