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Hello - As this cycle winds down for me, I am evaluating my course load for the next cycle to improve my GPA. I currently have a 3.0 and was told that a 3.2 would be better for the next round. That said, it would take about 6-8 courses (depending on credit hours) to bring up the GPA. I have a few low grades in the pre-reqs that I plan on retaking however, could someone let me know you think the below course is worth taking or would it look poorly since it is a general studies requirement? 

Human Biology - A basic treatment of structure and function of the human body based upon biological principles. Credit not allowed toward the major or minor sequence. (Satisfies general education)

A separate question is the microbiology requirement for most schools - has anyone taken medical microbiology to satisfy the course requirement? 

I appreciate any help & advice! 

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Medical micro tends to count as prerequisites at most schools that I looked at. One thing that I ran in to when looking for a micro class, was that a lot of schools offer a 200 level micro class for like nursing and it says "not for majors credit" in the catalog line. This would not count.

As for your human bio class, it would count towards your sGPA on CASPA, but it is almost a guarantee that it wont count towards a prerequisite at any school. 

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