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Decline USC admission for cheaper schools

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Hi everyone,

I know this is a sensitive topic but I need sincere input to see whether anyone has actually declined USC admission for other local schools such as Western University or Loma Linda. I have read many posts about choosing the cheapest schools but living in such a competitive job market like Orange County, I feel like USC name can help us finding a better job, is it true? I know USC has the best PA program in Southern CA but its tuition is almost double that of other schools and is 6-9 months longer. Since I am married with one kid and paying mortgage, my future disposable income maybe too limited to cover the additional tuition of USC compared to other schools, although my husband is emotionally supportive of either choice.

Your experience and advice are highly appreciated. Thanks!


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USC is an amazing program, as far as tuition and loans go it really doesnt matter in the short term. Your loan payments will be the same in the end youll just have to pay them for a longer period of time (not a big deal in my opinion considering the payments are low percentages). The question you should really be contemplating is whether you want to enjoy, and I mean really enjoy your time in school. I have friends in both Western and other shorter course PA programs and their life can not stop, they are often way over worked and stress, as far as USC goes I believe it is the perfect time frame for the profession. Things are spaced out well and the staff is INCREDIBLE. 

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I think you should weigh out a list of pros and cons.
To counter EMTgonePA and play devils advocate, your loan payments may be the same amount but they will also be for a much longer period of time.
Also, no matter where you go, you will have the opportunity to make an impression during your rotations and get your foot in the door - if you happen to really like one of your sites. So you don’t necessarily need usc to find a good job.
OC’s job market may be competitive but honestly there’s a plethora of PA jobs out there, it just depends how picky you really are and where/how much you’re willing to start with. No matter where you go, you will always run the risk of starting of low and having to build your way up.
That being said, USC has MANY pros to it. It’s a dream school for most PA aspiring Cal residents.
End of the day? You can’t really go wrong with your decision because you’re going to be a PA and you’re going to have a job. Do what YOU want and what you believe is best based on your own research.
And congratulations!!

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      Hi everyone!
      I feel extremely fortunate to have been accepted at both LLU and Western for fall of 2020.  I am now trying to decide which program I should attend.  Anyone have any advice or input into which program is overall the better one?  Does the PA school one goes to have any weight on job prospects after graduation?  I know that US news ranks Western higher than LLU.. but I'm unsure of how relevant that ranking actually is. 
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      Hello there, I understand that ultimately this is my choice alone but would appreciate any insight from currently practicing PAs. I’ve received an offer from USC (Los Angeles) & Rush University (Chicago). I’m from California so the temptation  to attend a California school in sunny LA is very appealing. I would be closer to friends and family. However tuition is probably the highest in the nation ~180 K not including housing/other living expenses. Rush on the other hand is also an amazing program but located in Chicago. I would be away from loved ones and my support system (Family, friends, boyfriend). I love the school too! Both great academics/training opportunities. Rush however is closer to $98K. I don’t want to be buried in debt. Any thoughts? Or is the price relatively non-consequential given I would be graduating @28 years old. And have years worth of earning potential? 
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      Hello everyone! So, I am very thankful to have gotten into both SBU & Desales, but I am struggling to decide between them... Stony Brook is in-state for me and 15 mins away from home, so the tuition is significantly cheaper than DeSales’ ($53,000 as opposed to DeSales’ $79,000), and I wouldn't need to pay rent.

      I am struggling because even though SBU would be much cheaper overall, and has an excellent reputation and ranking, I just did not feel like I connected with the faculty there, and I wasn’t very excited after the interview. Even though the programs are both 24 months, SBU seemed more rigorous and fast-paced. The students at SBU also seemed a bit older, which makes me feel like I'd be the inexperienced one of the bunch. Another concern is that I don't really want to live at home. Living with my family would save me money, but it may also drive me crazy with the added stress of PA school ? I would most likely want to live on LI no matter what school I go to though, and so going to SBU may make it easier to get a job in the area once I graduate. SBU also ends in May, which I've heard is better for new PA grads in terms of job hunting.
      On the other hand, DeSales is a bit more expensive, but definitely not as expensive as some programs out there. It has clinical experiences during the didactic year, such as a student-run free clinic and shadowing that I would not have at SBU.  I also really connected with the faculty there and could picture myself going there and being happy. DeSales also had a brand-new, huge simulation lab that the PA students get to use a lot. DeSales is also one of the only programs in that area, you get more one-on-one time during clinical rotations, whereas w/ SBU, you’re with other LI PA students and med students.

      Some stats:

      PANCE 5-yr pass rates: SBU-97%, DeSales-100%

      Class size: SBU-44, DeSales-80

      Campus: SBU-within a hospital & affiliated w/ med school, DeSales- w/in an undergrad campus

      Both have full cadaver dissection labs

      Electives: both have 1 elective

      Start date: SBU- June, DeSales- August
      PBL classes: SBU- have only about 4 of these activities throughout didactic year, DeSales- small group class discussion twice every week throughout all of didactic
      Overall, the main things that would drive me to go to SBU are the low cost and the ranking. Otherwise, I like DeSales more. Some insight on this dilemma would be much appreciated!!

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      Can someone explain why Stanfords tuition is 160k for the program? Am I reading this wrong? What makes this program so much better?
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      I am an international student trying to complete all the pre-requisites for Masters in PA at Western University of Health Sciences, CA. Wondering what is the acceptance rate for Masters in PA at Western University. Any help appreciated. 
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