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Just received a contract for a neurology position and was looking for advice on negotiating. For reference, I am a new grad PA in Chicago suburbs, the position is in outpatient and inpatient neurology working 40 hours a week and weekend call, working for a small private group.

Current contract offer: $80,000 per year, no mention of quarterly bonuses
1 weekend of call per month
12 days of vacation
3 days of combined sick time AND CME days total for the year
No CME allowance
Non-compete clause of 5 mile radius from offices
No 401K
Malpractice insurance provided by employer
No insurance benefits as I am still young enough to be under my parent's insurance for the next year (I am okay with this for the first year)

My current thoughts on negotiation:
$90,000 per year salary
15 days vacation
8 days of combined sick time and CME days
$1,500 CME allowance
Removal of non-compete clause if possible
Clearer call requirements - I would want no call for first 6 months of employment and no more than 1:4 call in writing

I am contemplating saying I would purchase my own malpractice insurance through the AAPA for the first year as they have a new grad rate of $300 for the first year if he still isn't willing to budge on things.

Any thoughts from those that have gone through this before? Thank you in advance!!

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That initial offer is pretty horrendous. Your counter is on par with a decent offer.


Don't offer to pay for your own malpractice. Rates will only go up the longer you practice. Malpractice should be something paid for by the practice. Also, fight for that do-not-compete clause to be removed. In a metropolitan area, that can significantly hinder your next step.

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      Tried to post this once and I don’t think it posted - apologies for duplicates. 
      I’m in a bit of a complicated situation. I’ve been up for contract renegotiation since July after a year with a hospital based multi specialty  surgical group. I was originally hired as the first and only PA for two generals, a urologist and a GI. One general and the GI opted not to use me, so I split my time almost evenly between general surgery and urology in both clinic and OR. 
      CURRENT CONTRACT DETAILS: Oklahoma, full time 10 days call/month, $105k salary, $2500 and 3 days CME, 26 days PTO including holidays, $10k annual student loan reimbursement, association/fellowship annual fee reimbursement, 401k, Roth IRA, cell phone $100/month, sub-optimal medical insurance options
      My contract have been on extension for 3 months for various reasons and I’m trying to make sure I’m prepared when I finally get their offer. I was told in my first meeting that my “numbers from the last year just aren’t there”. I was told I would likely either stay at my current salary or switch to a productivity-based bonus that increases annually with a 5% decrease in salary annually...both of which I absolutely refuse to sign. 
      I have spent the last 12 months expressing the concern that I was not receiving proper credit/RVUs for all of my work. My physicians have never had a PA and don’t know how to properly utilize me...I don’t even want to get started on billing correctly. The hospitals lack of knowledge with PA utilization is stunting my ability to negotiate 
      ON TOP OF THIS...the other general surgeon is leaving and we are hiring two more who are interested in working with me in clinic and OR. This splits me between 3 general surgeons and 1 (needy) urologist and the hospital is very unlikely to be hiring a PA or NP any time soon. I love my job, corworkers, location, etc  but I’m not about to take a crap negotiation just to stay.
      I am not experienced in negotiating and it’s getting overwhelming as I feel no one is listening to me regarding proper utilization. 
      Any advice welcome. 
    • By astarael
      Hi everyone, I have a dilemma. I am a new grad struggling to get a job. I have been offered a neurology, 0.6 FTE, nights position. I interviewed for a full time days position but this was given to someone with experience. This is far from ideal but the hospital told me after 1 year I can qualify to go full time. I may take it as I need to start working and neurology is my top interest. I have a copy of the contract and I don't understand their termination policy. It requires 180 days notice, which is ridiculous, but this is a huge hospital system and they will not budge on any aspect of their contracts. I have included the contract text and want your opinions. What happens if I give less notice? I have no idea how I would line up a second job while giving 180 days notice.
      "Term and Termination. 
      (a) Term. Unless earlier terminated in accordance with Subsections 2(b)-(d), this Agreement and Provider's employment shall have an initial term of one (1) year commencing on this ___, 2018, and shall automatically renew for additional consecutive terms of one (1) year. 
      (b) Termination by either party. Either party may terminate this Agreement as follows: 
      (i) By providing at least 180 days prior written notice to the other party. Under this subsection, the Hospital may elect to pay Provider the compensation due him/her during the 180-day notice period in lieu of Provider actually performing work during the notice period, or 
      (ii) If the other party breaches any material term of the Agreement and fails to cure such breach within 30 days after receipt of written notice of the alleged breach, then the non-breaching may terminate the agreement. 
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