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UDM 3 year program and family

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I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on going through the 3 year part time program at University of Detroit Mercy with a family? All of my children will be in elementary school, but I’m particularly interested in study demands outside of class the first two years, and how you handled the full time clinical year - can you choose where you do your rotations? What are the hours like? What about needing to get the kids to school in the morning? My husband can do pick ups but can’t do drop offs because of his work schedule - the earliest I can take the kids to school is 7:15am. What do you do if a kid gets sick and your husband can’t take time off? Are preceptors generally understanding so long as you keep up with the rotation? Any insight would be much appreciated! 

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From my understanding for the part time program, you attend school 2x a week for the first two years all day from 8am- about 4pm. (either monday or wednesday or tuesday and thursday) 1st year is all the sciences (anatomy, patho etc.) while 2nd year is the PA stuff (clin med, patient assessment etc) then year 3 is all rotations and you can NOT work during rotations because it's basically a full time job and your preceptor decides your schedule and you're the one expected to be flexible! 

As for study demands, it depends how well you can juggle the various aspects of your life. I've talked to students who worked full time and it worked out fine, some students who didn't work at all and struggled! I believe the best balance is a part time job for the 3 year program, that way you can make a decent income, but have a good amount of time to study.

If you're from the area I highly suggest attending one of UDM's information sessions, there you can ask all the nitty gritty questions to a faculty member. Good luck!

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