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Low GPA, looking for opinions

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Hello y'all!

I have been reading and reading everyone's posts and comparing myself to others and decided to finally write one about myself.

I have a bachelors degree in Biomedical Sciences with a cumulative GPA of 3.01 and science GPA of 2.75. I have an average GRE score of 300, verbal 148 and quantitative 152, analytical writing 3.0. I played division I soccer all four years of college and ran track for a semester as well. I have roughly 100 volunteer hours, 50 shadowing PA hours, and 2,000+ patient on hand hours. I did poorly in Organic Chem and Microbiology which I have retaken as a non-degree seeking student at a local college and received A's. I have read contradicting opinions and statements about post-bacc work and if the classes I'm retaking are beneficial to my science and cumulative undergraduate GPAs. I have been going back and forth on what I should do next in order to get into PA school. Second bachelor's degree? Masters degree in public health or health administration? Associates degree at community college in EMT? 

I want to do the most beneficial option that will improve as many aspects of my application as possible in the shortest amount of time (obviously). One more question, when schools say "focus on last 60 credit hours of coursework" is that in reference to the last 60 hours of coursework in undergraduate degree or the last 60 hours of coursework including post bacc and masters? I know a lot of schools solely look at science and undergrad GPA so gaining a masters wouldn't be helpful to those GPAs necessarily.


Thank you in advance to anyone who replies and offers some clarity for me! I'm so appreciative!

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It does seem like quite a tough spot to be in. I think you would have to get a masters and really blow it out of the park, as well as get a lot more health care hours. If this is really what you want then the extra time won't bother you that much. Plus, an MPH or MHA will only help you look better and could open more doors if you wanted a more leadership/admin role in the future. The GPA is obviously the black eye on the app, so I think that would be your best choice. Good luck and keep working hard. Don't lose hope! You won't be the first or last person to have to go through more and more to get that goal. 

"The route may change, but never the destination." 

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If you took around three science courses per semester while working full time you could pull yourself out of this in about a year and a half.  I had similar stats when I first started considering PA school.  I retook classes, got A's in all of them, while working full time.  I did not want to get a masters degree and get in that way, too much money, but it is what ever is best for you.  I also did two summer courses in 2016 and one this summer.  I saved tens of thousands of dollars just retaking classes and bringing up both cGPA and sGPA in a little over 1 year.  

Why work full time while doing that much school?  Because it shows you care and I suspect that was a part in my acceptance to PA school, along with some other things.  You have many options, it just depends on how hard you want to work.

As for the last 60 credit hours I think that would be any school not just undergraduate program.  I am unsure about this though, might be something to ask the schools of interest.


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You and I seem to be in a similar situation with slightly different stats. After being rejected to 20/20 PA schools during my first application cycle, I was trying to decide what my next move would be. I went and gained a lot more patient contact hours (now up to about 2,000 paid, 500 unpaid) first. It seems you are in a good position for hours, but more patient care experience can only help you (and put you above the students with less hours than you). I was primarily interested in the dual degree MPH/MPAS degree but was only accepted to the stand alone MPH programs. This is the program I am in now and I am doing very well so far. I did this partially to increase my science GPA (counts as an other science category) and to earn another degree for when I try for the CDC's EIS program later in life of which an MPH or MS in epidemiology is required. Having another Masters degree can open more doors for you as someone else said above. I would advise against an associates in EMT because while it helps boost your GPA, I doubt it will give you much leverage in your PA school application. Provided you have the finances, retaking the classes you did poorly in or going for an MPH can help not only get your science GPA to where it needs to be, but also help you stand out in the application process. A number of admissions counselors have told me that earning my MPH with a high GPA will definitely make my application stand out from the thousands of Bachelor degree application they receive each year. Hope this helped. 

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      Hi All!
      I am a graduate student in public health and have worked with providers to inform patient care plans as well as screen patients for adverse childhood experiences, resiliency, quality of life, etc... I have not been an EMT, CNA, Aid, or other roles that are usually seen with direct patient care experience for PA schools. I have already submitted my application, but after attending an information session I am nervous that schools will not count my public health hours as patient care (I made the mistake of listing them as health care experience and not patient care experience). Does anyone have any thoughts on this process? I have already reached out to one school directly and added the experiences as patient care experience in CASPA (it lets you do this even after submission, but I do not know what happens next). I do have a lot of healthcare experience and research experience. Have anyone else added experiences after they submitted? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to private message if that is better for you. Thanks so much! I really appreciate any support with this!
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      I recently graduated and I am working on my CASPA application. I am super nervous about my personal statement.
      I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me some tips/ pointers on how to format it, what to include, and what to omit.
      I frequently second guess myself, so any opinions would be helpful.
      I really appreciate any help.
      Send me a pm if possible! 
      Thank you,
    • By jlcamp15
      Hello there, 
      I am looking for advice after accidentally self-reporting an incorrect GRE test date – and now my application is locked.
      I already submitted to my schools that do not require the GRE. I then went back to send the rest of my apps to programs that do require GRE. Originally, I was not going to self-report any GRE scores, and planned to just sent them through ETS. At the last minute, I thought it may be a good idea to enter that I did in fact take the test... but I accidentally reported the incorrect date. The error is only a date, with no ID or self-reported scores included. I have already sent the official scores from ETS to my individual programs from the actual date I took the test. I have not yet submitted the application with this error to any schools.
      I understand that we cannot edit old information after it has been submitted, but we can add new entries as we go. I misunderstood that we also cannot edit those new entries added, even though the new info has not been submitted yet.
      I have already contacted CASPA, and they confirmed what I already guessed – that it cannot be changed. I'm kicking myself, as I have worked very hard to craft an application I am so so proud of. I was meticulous and diligent in ensuring there were no typos or mistakes in my experiences and personal statement... and then BOOM, it happened in a split second and cannot be corrected. 
      I can see that my official GRE test date and scores will be included on the application, just underneath the self-reported date. I know that it is a minor error, as it is a self-reported date with no included scores… but an error nonetheless. None of my programs required or requested self-report GRE information, only the official report. 
      It is the difference of about one week, 7/22/19 (official) vs 7/31/19 (error). ETS does not even allow you to take the test this close back to back (21 day minimum).
      Would you recommend contacting the programs to let them know? 
      If you made it through my novel, you are a trooper, and I would appreciate any advice 🙂
      Thank you!
    • By sjrack
      5 years ago my wife and I participated in a sweat equity program to help build our current home and 4 other homes in our neighborhood. I'm wanting to include this experience since it involved helping others in my community that fell within a certain lower income bracket, but I want to label it correctly in CASPA. My current thinking is that I can mark it as "volunteer" and also check that it was "compensated." Even though we didn't receive any money, we built equity in our home by building it ourselves along with the help of the other families. Does this sound ok? Or should I label it as something else completely?
      Thank you!
    • By Southpaw45
      Just wanted to let you know from last years experience so you don't have the same issue. 
      Background:  Wanted to hit the Aug 1 deadlines, so submitted  and was verified prior to deadline.
      Had transcripts and other items from summer that arrived at CASPA after application was verified.
      Two Items to note:
      1 - Any grades after verification will not be updated into the GPA calculation (I can understand that).
      2 - CASPA will update the file, however if you submit another application, CAPSA sends the original file to the school - Not the updated one.
           YOU will need to inform the school to go get the UPDATED file, otherwise they will still see your original file.
      I did not know this and may have missed out on schools looking at what I thought was an updated file only to find out later, that they were not seeing the updated version.  If I would have known this, I may have either waited (missed the Aug deadline) or more than likely told the schools they had to go into the system to see the latest file (CASPA's advice).
      I found this out too late for last years cycle....Posting this so others may avoid this.
      Good Luck!
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