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Average # of attempts for acceptance into RCC PA program?

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Hey everyone,

I'm a paramedic in L.A. County, live in Huntington Beach and am almost done with prereqs for RCC's program. Was wondering if anyone has any personal knowledge of the average number of attempts it takes to gain entry into RCC's PA program. I'd hate to sit around for several years applying with my fingers crossed! :D



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1 time here. And yes will still consider reapplicants on an equal basis as new applicants granted you weren't denied admission for a reason such as incomplete HCE hours or missing prerequisites/not qualifying for prerequisites, etc.. Additionally, from what I understand, admission is not completely a "lottery" style acceptance. The admissions committee narrows down applicants based on qualifying vs non-qualifying students then places the remaining students in tiers & selects from these based on whatever criteria they use. Goodluck to all the 2013 applicants. Hope to see some of you next year.

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