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Respirator Clearance

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Our office does both respirator clearances based off of periodic reviews, as well as respirator physical exams.  


I was never really given any guidance from my supervising physicians on what to look for, and what would be potentially disqualifying.  


I was essentially told "uncontrolled hypertension, and "severe" cardiac/pulmonary conditions are disqualifying conditions."


I have never personally worn respirators, and was wondering if anyone has further insight/guidance into what I should be screening for, and what would be potentially disqualifying.  I have done a lot of research on CDC and other safety websites, and can only find very vague/non-specific information.

Questions that I have:

Someone with history of MI?

Someone with mild/moderate asthma/copd

Someone with HTN on medications with BP > 140/90



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New to this forum and just saw your posting.  

HTN:  If poor control of Stage I or II, get records from PCP and screen for target organ disease.  If poor control of Stage III or IV (>180/110), defer clearance and refer back to PCP for further evaluation.

S/p MI:  Not disqualifying if pt is stable and can tolerate required physical activity.  Get records including last EST.

Asthma/COPD:  Clear if stable, consider spirometry to document degree of function. We do spirometry for most of our client companies.

A good source of info is "Guide to the Medical Evaluation for Respiratory Use" available through OEM Press.

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