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Facebook Group for FL Pre-PAs

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If anyone is interested, I created a Florida Pre-PAs Facebook group!

Description: This is a platform to connect all Florida pre-PA students to increase communication across the state by sharing relative news, networking and creative innovative ideas. Share the sunshine love.

Here's the link, ! 


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    • By JohnthePA
      I was wondering if anyone could help me out with some questions regarding working as an outpatient Psych PA in Hawaii. I am a new grad PA from Florida looking to start my career in Psychiatry. I have been applying in Hawaii (preferred) and Florida to both outpatient and inpatient positions. However, I just got this response from an outpatient psychiatrist in Florida after emailing my resume to him...
      A PA in Florida cannot bill Blue Cross Blue Shield for mental health services. Blue Cross Blue Shield represents about 50% of our business. So it is impossible to hire a physician assistant. You cannot bill under a physician for mental health services for Blue Cross Blue Shield either. This may very well be different for medical PAs. If you are working in an inpatient or community mental health center or university setting, then the billing could well come under the facility and be okay. However, for a private practice, it is simply impossible. I have checked this out many times and was formally on the advisory board for the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida mental health third-party payer.
      I wish you the best."
      I am sure this could be different in Hawaii, but have any of you in Hawaii noticed any advantages/disadvantages for PAs vs NPs in outpatient psych regarding billing/reimbursement or any other reasons? I just wanted to make sure I'm not wasting my time if NPs have a clear advantage there...
      As far as FL, I will stick with applying to inpatient or community mental health center positions as he suggested.
      I would love any feedback regarding anyone's experience as a psych PA (outpatient/inpatient) in (FL/HI). Unfortunately, billing was only briefly covered in school, and it is coming back to bite me in my job search. Thank you for your time.
      -John, PA-C
    • By Mackenzietejo
      Hello everyone,
      I am a 3rd year neuroscience, with a minor in psychology, Pre-PA student hoping to shadow a PA in any specialty! I am willing to travel to any part in South Florida. My email is mtejo2016@fau.edu 
    • By StevenAloe
      Hey everyone I just have a question about health care experience and which is best when applying to PA school. I go to Miami Dade College here in south florida, any PA's from my school that graduated will help. I am in my 2nd year of earning my bachelors in Health science with an option of physician assistant studies. I have two options which I feel I like and they Phlebotomist, and caregiver. Now I am not sure if caregiver is accepted for PA schools but I found it on the "inside pa training" website. I like caregiver because my family actually owns a nursing home and it would be great if I can get hours right at my house but I am not sure if that is also accepted for PA schools (getting hours at a family owned business I mean). I would have too check with them first but if they do agree that it is fine would being a caregiver be the best option for me? I was considering EMT but I do think the job is a little too managing for me at the moment.
      I also found CNA which is also something I could do in a nursing home.
    • By daydreamy
      I am looking to shadow a PA in any specialty. I am a pre-PA student at the University of South Florida and am applying to PA school this cycle. Please pm me if you have any leads or if you would be willing to have me tag along.
      Thank you!
    • By SEMPA
      One slot has unexpectedly opened up for the SEMPA Ultrasound Course being held February 22-23 in Jacksonville, FL, and we are offering it on a first come first served basis. To register, contact Mary Hines in the SEMPA Customer Care Center at 877.297.7594 extension 3169 with your credit card information.


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