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Should provisional accreditation be a deal breaker?

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I'm choosing between two schools and was wondering if other people could weigh in on this topic. Both schools have great reputations but one of them has a provisional accreditation due to it being a new program ( I would be in the 3rd graduating class). How heavily should this weigh on my decision? Would this be a deal breaker for people if the other school had continuing accreditation. Any specific risks you would worry about? Thanks!

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I'm currently attending Eastern Michigan University which has provisional accreditation. Coincidentally, I am in their 3rd graduating class. I am currently half way through my clinical rotations and will be graduating in April. I've had an excellent experience so far in my program. There are some nice benefits from my program being newer. The classrooms we work in have been completely updated. Our physical exam rooms were built brand new at the beginning of the program. The university teamed up with a local teaching hospital to update a simulation center on the hospital campus which we used on a weekly/bi-weekly basis during didactic year. Our professors take our opinions about text books and how to change lectures seriously. Changes have been made to the curriculum every semester based on the feedback that my class and previous classes have provided to the professors.

I agree with the above post from HanSolo. If you get a good feeling from the provisional school, go for it. Maybe talk to some current students and get a feel for what they think about the program. During my interview, we received an hour long tour from current students in the program which allowed me to pick their brains about the program and ask about positives and negatives regarding the program. In the end, go with your gut about which program feels like the right fit.

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