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Chances of getting in and schedule information?

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I have a few questions, and I hope anyone here might be able to help me out. First of all, we are a military family with a toddler and will be relocating to Ft. Campbell in 2013 (we'd move around halfway between the base and school). We're currently stationed overseas, so I still have some time to improve my resume and would like some feedback on what might work best to increase my chances at Trevecca.


My background:

1. B.S. in Biology - GPA 4.0

2. Three years of med school in Germany from 2004 - 2007 (dropped out when I married and we had to relocate). GPA 3.8 with pre-med and some clinical classes

3. Three months internship at geriatric and surgical wards at a German hospital: 480 hours patient contact, mostly CNA duties

4. Worked as a freelance medical translator for four years which gave me exposure to current research topics

5. Volunteering at a military hospital, greeting and directing patients and maintaining records and coordinating care with local host nation providers

7. I cared for my grandmother at home for six years (stroke and diabetes)

6. GRE - 1280


I know I am lacking a bit in practical experience. Opportunities for direct patient contact here are very limited (cannot do EMT or CNA), but I might be able to volunteer at a local nursing home. Do you think this would be enough?


Lastly, what is the schedule during the didactic phase like? Are there classes every day? Due to the longer commute, I would hope to have a day off to study.


I would greatly appreciate any input!


Thank you!

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I was just accepted into Trevecca with about 2000 hours of health care experience (I was a phlebotomist). But honestly, I think your experience, since it's so varied, is just fine. On paper, you sound like a great applicant, and if you write a good essay I think you would definitely get an interview. After that, though, they look at your personality and how you would react to different scenarios, etc. Volunteering might be a good opportunity, but if I were you I would try to find a PA to shadow. Get to know that PA (more than one if you can) and learn about the profession. Since you went to med school you might be seen as a person who downgraded from med school to PA school. We do PA school because we want to be PAs, not because we want to be doctors and couldn't or didn't manage. I'm not saying that's you, but it might look that way because of your med school experience. I would very specifically address why you want to be a PA (not just why you want to be in the medical field) in your essay.

Also, just some stats for you. This year there were about 700 applicants to Trevecca. 220 were invited for interviews, and there are 48 slots in the program.


The didactic phase typically involves classes M-Th, including some evening classes. You usually get Friday off. Because of your med school experience, you'll probably have an easier time of it than most of us.


(PS - why don't you finish med school? I know transferring between med schools is a long and unpredictable process, but you only have a year left!)

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