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Deciding whether to retake the GRE total score was 300 unofficially. Quant 143 verbal 157. I have a 3.8 GPA average and a science average of 3.5 and over 4 years of clinical experience is it worth it to take it again and try to get a higher quant score or will my other achievements be enough to gain at least an interview? Seeking advice :)

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It honestly all depends on the programs you're applying too. Some schools have a minimum composite score, some schools have minimum section scores you have to reach, and some schools don't even have a minimum! Furthermore, I would look on each school's website and check the averages, for instance the schools that I applied to had an average of 302 and 307. Schools will also let you know if the GRE is an important part of the decision making process (it's usually not but some schools do emphasize it) or just a check off on the list.

So check the schools you're applying too and make sure you meet the minimum composite and section requirements.  If your score is around the average than no don't retake it. If you don't meet the minimum requirements then retake it. Also, if the schools average are much higher or they say that GRE has a big impact on the decision making process then yes I'd say retake it. 

Overall, your composite score is average, with verbal being on the higher end and quant on the lower end of the scale. But your GPAs are really good!

So double check with the schools you're applying too. Good luck!

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OneDayPA-C posted some solid advice. Generally on your application, the GRE doesn't hold as strong of a weight compared to GPA and patient care experience. Most schools just require the GRE to see that your standardized test-taking is more or less comparable to your GPA. A GRE score of >300 is typically sufficient for most schools. Your GPA and patient care experience hx are both very strong so as long as you hit the minimum GRE requirement for the programs you have applied to, you are on the right track.

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