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Option 1

I have 2 offers I am trying to work through. A prominent doctor has offered a 50/50 split on reimbursement. He has been transparent and each of his providers has made over 150k the last 3 years. The being said the position is 1099. I have little experience with 1099 salaries, but I know that I will be taxed greatly. My wife carries our insurance so that is not an issue. This guy knows how to squeeze every penny out of billing and will teach me, and this may be beneficial in the future. He will pay malpractice. He offers an office and unlimited patients. I'm worried after tax the 150 really turns out to like 100 or less but he said "you wont pay that much in taxes" He gave me his CPA card and said you should form an S corp and other stuff to save money. I have no idea what it means. 

Offer 2

115k year one and 125k year two all standard benefits. There is an RVU bonus of 32 dollars per RVU above 3906 (seems way high?) This is W2. 


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