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Question about undergrad/post-bacc GPAs

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Hi Folks,


I'm trying to figure out what parts of my GPA are used by both CASPA and my intended schools.


Undergrad GPA: 2.9 (no sciences or prerequisites here)


Post Bacc: 4.0 (Bio/A&P I&II/Gen. Chem I/Psych, and a few others)


I've still got Microbio, Stats, and Orgo or Biochem to round everything out. Do these two numbers get rolled together to form my overall GPA? I'm right on the cusp without those post-bacc numbers, and the combination would help me tremendously.


Thanks in advance for your help!

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Classes taken post bacc that are considered undergrad level courses are counted towards undergrad gpa even if you take them after you have your bachelors degree. Your Bio/A&P I&II/Gen. Chem I/Psych along with the remaining classes of stats, orgo, micro, etc will factor into your undergrad gpa as long as they are undergraduate level courses. I took ALL my science classes after my masters and they all factored into my overall gpa, my undergrad gpa, and my science gpa on caspa.......

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