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Multi-year contract with no mention of salary adjustment

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I have found a job I really want to take but the requirement is a 3 year contract. I don't prefer this but that is what they insist on. I am willing to consider the longer than normal term, but the contract doesn't specify any way in which salary will be adjusted over time. Basically, as it is written, I could be paid the starting wage the entire 3 year term of the contract.

I spoke to them about my concerns and they stated there would be evaluations every 12-14 months to assess productivity and salary. However, I am reluctant to take their word for it. 

In this situation, what should I do regarding the salary? Obviously I want them to commit to the evaluations in the contract, but what if they just say my evaluation doesn't warrant a raise?? 


Any guidance from some of the more experienced PAs would be greatly appreciated!

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If it's not in writing, it doesn't exist.  Get it or forget it.

(Edit: I just thought that if they refuse, then you can make this work to your advantage by telling them your starting salary has to reflect three years of typical salary adjustments. Must have been some sort of oversight.  Surely you don't expect me to accept a starting salary for the next three years?)

As far as the salary bumps go, ask what the average bump is.  Let's just say you are doing well after a year and everyone's pretty happy - what would be the range?  

Then - get that in writing.  

When it happens, the only leverage you have if you disagree is to quit and take your services elsewhere. But that can be the better thing - hit them for another year of experience and if they squeeze you again - "Okay, thanks so much for all you have done for me, but I think our expectations are too far apart and we both need to move on". 

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Well then it's just like any other job. If after a year you are not happy with your pay/raise, then start looking for another job. If there's no penalty for breaking the contract, then what's the point?

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