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Compensation starting third year

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I am going into my 3rd year at the same practice seeing average of 28-30 pts a day (Monday, wed and Thursday with half days on Tuesday and Friday so basically 4 full days). I do general dermatology and some small procedures but no exc. I started at 50k for the first 6 months which was raised to 80k for the remainder of the year. I then was given 100k starting second year without any bonus or incentive. I have 4 friends and family who work in derm and all of which make considerably more than that with the same experience plus 1 year max. My newest offer was to reduce my base to 95k and get 5% bonus over 200k for the year. According to everyone else I know this is pretty low. I have asked for a productivity report (over a year ago) and have yet to receive one. My practice admin said that my current offer would put me at around 115k if I am billing the same as I am now. I'd love some input on some more experienced derm PAs. I could also add that my current benefits include 9 days PTO and 3 days and $1500 CME a year, health insurance. I do not get any 401k or retirement options. I love my job and the field I practice but I am feeling more and more that I am not being compensated for all that I am doing. Thanks in advance. 

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I'm also in my 3rd year of practice and I see a similar amount of patients.  From what I've learned at many conferences, you should be shooting for at minimum 30-45% of your overall productivity for the practice with salary, commission, and benefits combined.  I would imagine you are much lower than this number right now. Knowing your productivity and coming in with articles and salary reports to show comparable positions should help your case, and help you to raise the question of "What percentage of my productivity are you wanting?" That was a game changer for my office because it was difficult for them to say that they wanted 90% of what I was bringing in because that's obviously not fair. Based on these calculations, it appears they think you're bringing in around 600K.  My recommendation would be to do no less than 15% commission after you double your salary (pretty typical model), and try to get them to work in a way to raise it each year until you reach a certain percentage (maybe 25%).  We also have something in place where if I hit a certain productivity my percentage increases for any further commissions.  I would I'm at 15 days PTO after 3 years too. Hope that helps! 

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I start a derm job this October, I am exp in FP/ UC but this is my 1st derm placement, and he offered me 120k base 20% billing/bonus and then 5% on the skincare products. I can't speak to 3 yrs of experiences. I would say that is too low, are you in a small town? Did you sign a non-compete? Look online at wages for your area and experience.  I dont think you are getting what you are worth, 

Best of Luck,


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