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Any advice is appreciated. Has anyone attended  CEP EM PA fellowship while having kids? I have a 2yo and will need to move to the fellowship without my husband and would like to take my daughter with me because my husband's job is not transferrable. I can afford a sitter, but I would like to know what the schedule is typically like (hrs per day, days per week, etc) . I haven't applied yet, but I'm just trying to figure out if it is logistically possible.

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I have friends / classmates in the last two classes of both locations, interviewed there myself but could not accept.  It's a little less than half rotating shift work and somewhere around or just north of ~55 hours a week on average.  Every rotation is different (ortho, OB, etc).  There are a few 9-5 M-F days but they are kinda rare.   All of my friends there are young and single and they are pretty beat and stressed.

This is straight typical of a fellowship, they are a lot of hours and work.

Unsuitable for a single parent without 100% family support. A clear cut case of choosing to go without the chitlin or taking another path.  

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On 9/2/2017 at 7:00 PM, EMEDPA said:

it is a fairly new program. I think they have had less than 10 grads so far. you might call the program directly to get a copy of the current rotation schedule.

If this is the CEP America at Arrowhead then it's been around a while and pumps out grads because of its class size. The one at Kaweah (?spelling) is fairly new. For what it's worth I've heard good things about the Arrowhead program, but yes, the hours would make it tough for a single parent.

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My residency has been tough with a spouse to help out! I can't imagine trying to do it in another state from your husband and no family around. No daycare is going to be open for the hours that you need so you'll almost certainly need someone that would be able to come to your home or your child go to their home. Finding someone like that in southern CA that you can trust...


There are several good residencies, so perhaps another one is closer to you? I don't want to be discouraging, but I do want you to know that it will be difficult. I'm sure Arrowhead would ask you about this as well and you would need to have a solid plan ahead of time. 

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