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Head/Neck or General Oncology Resources

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Hey everyone! I just got offered a job doing medical oncology. The doctor I'd be working with the most does head/neck cancer and there's another doctor who works part time doing breast and melanoma. I looked up some books on head/neck cancer and they are expensive. I was wondering if anyone knows of any good resources or books that are worth it? I'm completely new to oncology, so even just books on general oncology would probably be good. Any suggestions? 



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Start with the NCCN guidelines.  They're free and you can start with the info for patients ( a little more simple) and then move to the info for providers.  This will give you a LOT of information that will be helpful in practice.  

Outside of that - keep up with recent publications - oncology treatments are constantly evolving and research is constantly being published.  Big journals like JAMA and NEJM will have things but also more specifically Journal of Oncology, etc.

As far as books, I purchased the Washington Manual of Oncology that serves me well as a sort of pocket guide.  Definitely not in depth enough to be your only resource but a good starting point.

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