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I took physiology at community college and my professor was AWFUL. I feel as if I didn't learn anything all semester yet I was still able to get an A in the class. Her lectures were pointless and would instead lecture us on her irrelevant life stories. I feel as if this is going to be a disadvantage for me when I start school in January. I know everyone says to not study before school but I feel as if I should so that I can makeup for my lack of learning in this class. What books would you recommend?

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On 8/27/2017 at 7:55 PM, hgross594 said:

I know everyone says to not study before school [...]

Not everyone.

However, physiology is somewhat harder to study for than anatomy.  I would recommend cardiac and kidney physiology as probably the two most useful topics within the discipline.  Not that everything isn't useful, but I found those two topics ones where a good foundational understanding of the physiology really informed the pharmacology, etc. of those systems.

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I have two resources I used for all patho topics throughout my didactic year. Osmosis is a succinct, video description of many common patho topics. I liked Osmosis because the videos are short and went into enough detail for all the exams I took. Calgary guides require a little bit of background knowledge on the topic. But, once you've learned about common patho topics, the Calgary flow charts are an awesome summary of complicated topics.

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