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Hi everyone,


I am currently a PA practicing in urgent care/ER ( 4 years of experience) looking to switch my job closer to home.

I was wondering if I can get your guys' input for an ER offer i just received. 

$70/hour + RVU, 120 hours/month in considered full time, 

$1500 for CME

no PTO, no sick leave

Malpractice/health/dental included


Currently, I work at a ER (teaching institute)  that pays $50/hour,  12 paid holidays/year,  2 weeks PTO, 12 sick days, great health/dental insurance, malpractice covered, 

i get about $1500 for CME, and pension when i retire. I am looking for a change because i have a really long commute and currently work 5 8-hours shifts. 

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14 minutes ago, NJPL1213 said:

No PTO is disappointing though. 

In my experience, 120 hours/month leaves plenty of personal time.  Creative scheduling can give you long stretches of days off.  I've done it numerous times while working as an independent contractor.  

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Job changes all come down to math and the benefit resulting. Sprinkle the dislikes of current job with the fairy dust of the new job over the process and make a decision.


You work a lot of hours now, work year 2080 hours, you get paid for all of that due to holidays, sick time and PTO. $104,000 according to what you listed.

New job, 120 hrs /mo x 12 mos x $70= $100,800. How is that RVU calculated? Any estimates?

Less commute time, less gas money, less time working since now you are responsible for only 1440 hours instead of 2080. Realize if 120hrs/mos is full time, the perspective from a 8 hour drone worker mentality equals one entire week off a month. If you work 10 hour shifts, you have 18-19 days off a month. 12 hour shifts, 20 to 21 days off a month. Can you make up the missing $$ with a per diem shift elsewhere such as the old job? Likely. Or does the cost savings from the shortened commute bring you even?  Does the RVUs provide you a bonus that covers the salary difference?

The other consideration is benefit cost. Will you be contributing more of your salary to the new benefits? More comparison math needs to be done. You are leaving a pension on the table. This is future income to consider. Is there a replacement for this at the new job? Will you be swapping more money now for less money later because of lackluster retirement funds?

Hard question, never an easy answer. But best question to ask yourself is this: What is important to you? If it is more time off, you know the answer.

Good luck

George Brothers PA-C

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