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Does anyone use any of these? I find it useful with my patients to have for 2 reasons:

1- It gives you a number for future reference, to use as a base line for tracking patient progress.

2- Something objective in the patient's own hand to scan into the record for future reference.

  If anyone is interested I have about 15 different ones I use. I also made short MACROS for pasting into the PE section when having the patient fill one out. Bonus: while the patient is filling out the assessment, I update the EMR, check the PMP and look at the intake documents.

  Tomorrow I am posting a dilemma that I have been struggling with.... Stay tuned and please comment..



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There are several screenings we use in Psych. They help to quantify the patient's symptoms. They can also be used for serial responses to track improvement.

 I have attached a few, I have WAY more.

I suggest the PHQ-9 and the GAD-7 for depression/anxiety.

They have good evidence to support them.

Feel free to ask, anything you want to know.

AMEN ADHD.pdf Beck Anxiety Inventory.pdf BED7 Scoring.docx BPQ Scoring.pdf CES-D Depression Screening Scoring.pdf GAD 7 Anxiety Scoring.pdf HAM - A Anxiety Scoring.pdf MDQ Mood Disorder Questionnaire Scoring.pdf PHQ 9 Depression Scoring.pdf PSSI-5-Manual.pdf

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