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2017 - 2018 Application Cycle

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Sorry guys the end of the semester was busy. Been a while since I checked the forums. I wouldn't worry about the accreditation, that's a temporary issue that won't effect anyone.

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Probation is an active accreditation status and those entering a program that is on probation are entering a program that is accredited. If the program remains on probation or is removed from probation by the time of your graduation, you would be graduating from an accredited program. In the past, the NCCPA allowed graduates to sit for the PANCE exam as long as the program from which they graduated was accredited at any point during the students’ enrollment. This policy changed in 2003 and in order to be eligible to take the PANCE, students must successfully complete a program that was accredited at the time the student matriculated. It is best to check with the NCCPA concerning exam eligibility criteria.

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Not sure if this is serious:



Mercy College, NY Probation3
June 2019
Report due forstandardsrelated to:
• instructional faculty serving as supervised clinical practice
experience (SCPE) preceptors holding a valid license,
• the program publishing to enrolled and prospective students its
ARC-PA accreditation status and success in achieving its goals,
• student files including documentation of student performance
while enrolled and that the student has met the requirements
for program completion,
• the curriculum including opportunities for all students to apply 
interprofessional practice principles in interprofessional teams,
• SCPEs in preventive, emergent, acute and chronic patient
encounters that enable students to meet program expectations
and acquire the competencies needed for entry into clinical PA
• SCPEs with patients seeking medical care across the life span,
women’s health, conditions requiring surgical management, and
care for behavioral and mental health conditions,
• SCPEs with preceptors practicing in family medicine,
• a self-study report that documents results of critical analysis from
ongoing self-assessment, faculty evaluation of the curricular
aspects of the program, modifications that occurred as a result of
self-assessment and self-identified program strengths and areas
in need of improvement, and
• student evaluations that related to learning outcomes


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On 8/20/2017 at 11:17 AM, aruben4 said:

Thought I would start a thread for this year's cycle!

Hey there i was not sure if this thread was intended for the actual class of 2020 so i made a new thread for the accepted and attending students ...sorry if that was ur aim aswell...thanks all the best 

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15 minutes ago, aspiringPAelle said:

Congrats on your acceptances!!

For those who got accepted, could you share with us when you had your interview please?

It would really help relieve some anxiety. Thanks!

Dec 4th

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Hi all, I am the Class President of the Mercy College PA Program Class of 2019! Congratulations on your acceptance! I have started a Facebook group for your class titled "Mercy College PA Program Class of 2020". If you plan on attending and would like to be a part of the group, please message me on Facebook, and I will add you! https://www.facebook.com/gall.sarah

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Congrats to everyone who received interviews and acceptances.
Maybe I don't understand correctly, but I'm worried about the probationary status of the program which was outlined in an earlier post. 
Can a current student or anyone share what's being done to correct the issues?   

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    • By Ben6ullivan
      Hello friends! 
      I’ve been accepted as of February 1st, and I hope to be attending Mercy College by the time June 2019 rolls around. Lets do this!
      -confirmation letter
      -passport photos
      -physical exam
      -official transcripts
      -financial aid
      -criminal background check
      -books, etc...
    • By MiniPa
      Hello everyone i will be joining the 2018 mercy college PA program for the class of 2020..yay new millenium...theres alot to prepare for before the start date this summer so i thought we should start a thread for attending students only thank u . 
    • By md_pa1993
      Just wondering if anyone has received any confirmation emails from the program. I was CASPA verfied back in mid-May, and sent in my check and supplemental essay around the same time. However, the $40 was never deducted from my account. I'm wondering if they haven't begun to review any materials, or if I'm missing something! 
      I plan to call the program after the holiday weekend, but just thought I'd see if anyone has received a confirmation email at all.
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