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Hey guys! I hear a lot about the autonomy of dermatology PAs and I hear them talk about doing injections on their own and minor surgeries. I also hear about psych PAs saying they do everything the doc does. But I was wondering if there are other specialties out there that allow for this when it comes to being hands on. Or is it basically only a derm thing?

I love the whole body and am thinking I'd be more suited for family, emergency, or internal medicine or something along those lines but I'm open to learning about all that PAs can do! Especially because I'd like to be hands on. Do you know any plastics PAs or are you yourself one? I'd like to become more informed about the wonderful PA profession!

Thanks everyone!

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    • By goalsofaPA
      I'm currently a PA-S2 at a 33 month program and about to soon go on rotations. From the start, I knew I wanted to go into surgery, it was just deciding which subspecialty I wanted to go into. After doing a lot of research and searching through the forums, I have a couple of programs in mind that sound absolutely amazing, one of them being the Yale program. Does anyone who have gone through a surgical residency or know people who have any insight on what kind of applicants they are looking for? From what I've gathered from posts on ER residencies, ADCOMS look at: 
      - GPA 
      - LORs 
      - General interest in the specialty: prior experience, rotations during clinical year 
      - Personal Statement and the interview
      Is it fair to say it is similar to what surgical residency programs are looking for? Fortunately, my program is contracted with Norwalk Hospital at Yale where the residency is located and I am definitely will be rotating through there for my general surgery rotation in the coming months. Thanks again for all your advice! 🙂
    • By PotatoHopper
      What's up guys! I'm confused as to which cycle I should be applying to for CASPA. But before that, here's a little background info on me 
      Cumulative GPA: 3.9 
      Cumulative sGPA: 3.7
      Volunteer Hours: 300 hours
      PT Technician: 800 hours 
      Research Assistant: 300 hours 
      I'm going to be a 3rd year in undergrad once Fall rolls around of 2018, and I'm hoping to attend PA school in the Fall of 2020. Any thoughts on which cycle I should be applying for? 
    • By CherryBlossom1412
      Hi guys!
      I graduated in 2017 and on my track to dental school. I actually applied to dental school that year but got rejected to all because I took my DAT too late. However, later tht year I decided that dentistry isn't for me, plus I'm not ready to take on a huge debt afterwards (300-500k sounds scary too me). So i'm changing my goal towards PA. 

      I started researching PA programs and most of them accept my dental assistant hours as PCE. I have around 400-500 hours so i'm planning to finish my prereq (anat, physio, micro) by the end of this fall. Then do either CNA or phlembotomist programs and work for 1 year and a half to collect hours. I'm aiming at 2000-3000 hours. Do you guys think this is a good plan? Or do people generally have way more hours than this?

      I'm also concerned about why PA schools actually accept dental assistant hours? I know DA have patient interactions but aren't those more towards dental school? Won't they question why am I even applying to PA schoool? If i use those hours, will they ask why not dentistry? I mean i think it's probably gonna come up during the interview anyways. But will it look bad to have DA hours?

      Also, most programs require one letter from a clinician. I 'm still looking for a doctor, PA, or NP to shadow. I'm puttin NP on my list since PA and NP are so similar. I'm wondering if it's necessary to shadow a PA? I know some programs said it's 'recommended' but would it be ok if i shadow NP (i'm planning to ask my NP if I could shadow her). 

      I'm also wondering about LOR. Since most schools want LOR from any clinician, would it be okay if I actually use my dentist's LOR tht I used to apply to dental school?? I'm not sure if it will look bad for PA schools but im actually really close to my dentist since I worked and shadowed him for almost 2 years. and I outlined my own LOR for him to edit so i know it's a strong LOR too lol

      Also, how wuld the schools confirmed that our hour are accurate? Will the schools need our clinicians to sign somethng? I don't have such form from my dentist or the physicians I shadowed back 4 years ago  

      Sorry, I'm still new to PA field and still doing research about it. So if some of my questions are too easy to answer, I apologize in advance!! 

      Thank you again for helping me out!
    • By PJAsh555
      Hello everyone!
      My name is Phil and I plan on becoming a PA.  I was looking for an opportunity to shadow a PA in New Jersey.  I am willing to travel if need be.
    • By Maylily7
      I was wondering if anyone accepted into this program could share or message their application stats (gpa, HCE...), I want to know whether, if I were to apply I could be considered a competitive applicant. Thank you for reading this and thank you for your time, I appreciate it a lot!

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