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NAVY PA Question : Better to Finish school then join, or vis versa...

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Better to Finish school then join, or vis versa? I feel as though money is the only subject in making the decision?


What happens if you accept a scholarship program and God forbid get dismissed from program?


Have been thinking heavily about joining the NAVY medical corps for some time now. Any advice to a PA student about to start school in June 2012 with the aspirations of joining the corp.


thanks for your time

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You have to decide if you want to have an educational payback committment and if you need assistance in funding your studies. Otherwise you come on active duty the same meaning you choose a duty station and attend ODS prior to reporting.

If you choose to come in after school you will be eligible for the AB. I have addressed this at length in other posts.

If you select HPSP and are dismissed for any reason from your PA program you will owe time, money or both. It will be in your contract. My advice, don't fail.

BTW, Navy PAs are in the Medical Service Corps (MSC).

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