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Part time work & Contracts?

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*New Grad*

Currently have a full-time contract offer for a surgical position (fair pay/high call schedule/below fair bennies), the physician just made the changes I asked for that he would budge on. That's not the issue

My question is - If deciding to work part time w/ a different opportunity with the intention to transition to full-time work after a month or so. What kind of agreement is typically agreed upon? With part-time work - you still should get your malpractice covered, no benefits, etc correct? 

I'm curious how I go about the process with this part-time option. I have an informal in-person interview tomorrow. (I feel I may be happier with the part time option and the path laid out for full-time work & assistant center director for the facility)

Thank you!

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5 hours ago, anewconvert said:

Wait, why are you doing this?


You are starting out part time with a job that you intend to become full time within 1 month?  Why do you not want to start out full time?

No no, the position has part time only availability currently, not full time as of now. So, I'm willing to work part-time until a full-time position opens up at one of their facilities.

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