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Gap year ideas

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I am currently applying, and have received an interview with no response yet. I am still waiting to hear back from 6 other programs so I am keeping the faith and hoping something positive will happen. But if I don't get accepted I really want to have my backup plan in place so I can get the most out of my gap year to improve my application. My options are a) take post bacc classes to improve GPA while continuing to work *mostly* full time to accrue patient contact hours. I will also retake the only C I've gotten in a science. b) Just work full time. Continue with my current job in EMS and also find a job in a hospital or clinic to broaden my experience in another environment. c) do a one year masters program and not work at all to try and increase my GPA

Any help would be so greatly appreciated. I'll post my current stats below. Also, I am mostly applying to in state Texas programs.

cGPA: 3.45
sGPA: 3.25
PCE: ~1400 hours as an EMT-B working for a 911 ambulance service in a rural county and on a medical mission trip to Central America
HCE: ~2300 as a pharmacy technician for 3 years and from volunteering as an EMT in which patient contact was not accrued
Volunteering: ~250 hours as an officer in an on campus organization and small projects throughout college
Shadowing: 35 hours shadowing 3 different PA's and 50 hours shadowing physicians
LORs: this cycle I got one from a prof, an MD, and a PA. Next year I will likely go for a prof, a PA, and a job supervisor
GRE: 149 V, 155 Q, 3.5 writing. Will definitely be retaking and shooting for a higher score in all aspects

Please tell which option you think would benefit me more as an applicant, or if anyone has any other recommendations that would be great too. Just want to be the best applicant I can for the next cycle. For my senior year of college this year, I just plan on getting more PCE and volunteer experience, but I honestly can't see my GPA changing much just because of my workload and I don't have many hours left. I would like to try and get my overall to a 3.5 and science to a 3.3.


Thanks so much in advance! Love the support on this forum.

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13 minutes ago, UGoLong said:

I'd take a science class or two and keep working in EMS or in hospital in an ED if you can.


Don't sweat the C; if you can, go on, take something more advanced (like patho) and do well in it.



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Okay thank you! Never thought about taking something like that. 

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