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Hosed by PA Board and the Calendar

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Since I'm the only one offering opinions I thought I'd post another one. License expires 8/31 (doesn't everyone?). Legislature decides to give us a two year license window this session! What's the problem? New law kicks in 9/1 thus we're good for another individual year only (got my renewal license yesterday). Why give up another year of revenue for next year as opposed to making this year's renewal good for two years? Oh well, next year will be the last one, or so I'm hoping.
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same thing happened to me, but NCCPA and moving from 6 year to 10 year renewal.  Took my test Dec 29.  Had I waited three days, I would have been in the first group of 10 year renewals instead of having to do another 6 year PANRE again before the 10 year. 


My Texas license expires 28 feb every year. 

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I think everyone's license expires when the person was registered as a specialist and got their first license. We all renew our licenses on that date as we work and practice.  I always forget what date I need to apply for my license renewal in May and come to the center. It's annoying. I even print out calendar templates from 123calendars.com to stick a May calendar over my workplace. I circle that day in bold red marker. However, can you believe me? I forgot again what date my license expires. It seems to be May 25. But I'm not sure of that. I'll tell you later if you guys are interested. By the way, what years are you talking about? Please share the other part of your thought.

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