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Hello All,

I apologize if anyone has asked this before, but I just wanted to get some peoples opinions. Currently I work as a Physical Therapy aide and have obtained about 600 HCE hours. Previously I worked as a mental health worker where I accumulated 1070 hours. I was recently offered a clinical assistant position and though the job does pay a lot more compared to my current position, it is more of an administrative position with no little to no hands on work with patients. My current boss is aware of everything and is offering me a small raise and more hours. I just wanted to get some people's opinions on what they would do. Also, I wanted to know if there how many people got into a PA program obtaining HCE as a PT aide. 


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I think getting accepted based on your experiences is more about relaying them and what you've learned from them in your PS and interview and how it ties into being a PA and the values it has instilled in you that will carry with you throughout your medical career. Did you boss for your physical therapy aide position offer you a raise? Also have you already applied this cycle to schools or are you applying next cycle? Because maybe you take the clinical assistant position and gain acceptance at the same time which would allow you to save up for some expenses associated with school such as relocating. There are definitely a lot of things to consider. 

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