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Calculating productivity based on RVU's

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I am an ortho PA for a large hospital owned ortho group. I was hired 3 1/2 years ago to work with a specific surgeon. As the PA's in the group have increased, the management team is looking at our salaries and seeing that we don't make enough RVU's to cover our salary. The only ones who are doing so, work for total joint surgeons. My surgeon does maybe 1 total a week and mostly outpatient surgeries that some can bill for me and some can't. Since the surgeon gets paid based on RVU's (and I get paid a salary from the hospital), he does not want me to do things that can be billed. Therfore, I am seeing all postop's, injections, and fracture follow-ups. There is no way I can make my salary in RVU's if I am not seeing many billable patients.

Does anyone have any advice on how to track our productivity that is not RVU based?

Other ortho PA's - are you paid by the hospital or surgeon? Do you have issues with "making your salary?"

Thanks in advance.


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That's a tough one.  You've got bean-counters involved now who only know how to count actual beans in the jar, but lack the expertise to understand how the beans wind up in the jar.

You need to have several sit-downs with your surgeon to explain your concerns.  And you need to brush up your resume and get it out...good chance you are going to have to walk.  

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