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Contract Renegotiation Decision needed by Monday. Please help!

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Hello Everyone,

I'm writing this post for my friend who is renegotiating her contract with her current employer after 9 months of employment at a SoCal urgent care. She was hired as new grad and her contract was supposed to have been revisited at the 6 month mark but somehow that didn't happen. 

It appears as though everything in her contract is remaining the same except for a $4.00/hr raise. This is the offer they are giving her:

-1 year contract

-$55.00/hr (currently $51/hr)

-2 weeks vacation

-2 sick days

-401 k with 3% of her salary contributed by the company

-full health insurance

-$400 CME stipend yearly

-malpractice with NO tail end coverage 

She went into the meeting asking for $60/hr and they turned her down and said that they can discuss again at the one year mark which will be in October but she doesn't see how 3 months is going to make that much of a difference in terms of coming up to that $60/hr she's asking for.

She needs to give them an answer by this upcoming Monday. If you guys can help she would truly appreciate it!

Thank you so much!


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Thank you NJPL for your quick response! 

Yeah I knew the CME stipend looked way off when comparing her offers to others posted here. 

How about the no tail malpractice ins? Does that pose a huge issue for her?

As far as productivity goes she says that during the winter she would see anywhere from 35-45 patients per day and now in the summer (not as busy) she's seeing approximately anywhere from 10-45 patients per day. She unfortunately did not receive her NPI until this past Jan. Is there anyway she can see her stats listed someplace? Sorry if that's a dumb question to ask (2nd yr PA student here).

She actually really likes her job and would like to stay but doesn't want to be taken advantage of either.

Thanks again!

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