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2017-2018 Cycle

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On January 22, 2018 at 0:38 PM, DrBPA2020 said:



Yes, I think so too. The rest of the class might be hearing by the first weeks of March. I think there’s one interview in January and one in February and that's it.

Who else here has been accepted so far?

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My interview was in November and I was accepted in early January. Looking forward to meeting you all in August! Best of luck to everyone on the waitlist--I know the waiting game is awful, but don't give up! 

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Hey all - 


Brand new here, but I just figured I would chime in!


I interviewed on the final date 2/21, and they said they still had a number of seats to fill, and that they hoped to have the class solidified by last week or this week. 


Looks like some people are already hearing about the waitlist? Still trying to be positive and hope for good news. I really liked the program quite a bit. 


Anxiously waiting to hear back...

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Congrats to everyone who has gotten in. Good luck to those still waiting!

I interviewed 2/12 (Monday) and heard the next morning (2/13, Tuesday).

When I first arrived they said they had 15 seats filled, but had had interviews the Friday before. By about 10:00a, they were saying they had now had 17 seats filled.

They also told us the last interview day was 2/21 (the next Wednesday).

Hopefully you all will hear soon.

To those matriculating, see you in August!!

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