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Anyone here have any experience negotiating more PTO within a health system?


Long story short:


I've received a great offer for Thoracic Surgery in terms of salary, benefits, and the team I would be joining. They offer 33 days of PTO (bank for vacation, sick, etc). This does not include CME days, but it does include holidays, of which I believe there are 7.


It is an excellent offer, and I know that I am on the verge of coming off as entitled. At this point in my career, time matters more to me than money. My husband is a radiologist and has 10 weeks of vacation per year. We would like to travel prior to starting a family in the next 2-3 years. We also live in the Pacific Northwest with our families in the Midwest, so a few weeks per year are dedicated to them.


I would ideally like 30 days PTO plus holidays. I would even be open to having some of the time unpaid leave. Of note, I would also be taking call every 3rd week (with additional compensation). The group really emphasizes work/life balance, as do most personalities in the PNW.


Any suggestions for negotiating?


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If you can find a way to get more than 33 days of PTO let me know.
But really, 21 days is the average. There is a reason your husband gets 10 weeks, i guess you already figured it out. In case you haven't, it's because he is a physician.
If you want more vacation days, you can always work locum and get as many vaca as you want.
The most PTO I've heard a PA has is 6 wks, and that's pretty rare.

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Years past, I started out at 4 weeks vacation as a new grad in FM, the salary was crap, but hey it was my first job and time is more important to me than $. Good luck!

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I get per year...

22.5 days PTO

13 paid holidays

13 sick days

5 CME days

3 days bereavement


I think salaries can be tougher to negotiate with some companys because people are fixated on their bottom line. Be straight forward. Tell them you don't want more money. You want more time.



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Here in the PNW, if you've got the experience, they'll want to negotiate with you. Just be straight forward about what you want.

We get 4wks vaca

2wks sick

1wk cme

2 days floating holiday

And I think it is 9 holidays. (I am in UC so I work the holidays but get double. M-F types get them off)

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