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Just got an acceptance email from my 10/31 interview!!! So excited

Idk I'm still waiting too... I guess it's not a bad thing we haven't heard anything. But it definitely is driving me a little crazy as I submitted my application back in mid-July.@Brittanykloes said t

Did anyone set up an accepted students group yet? We probably need to start looking at housing/roommates after the holidays. Good luck to all still interviewing 

Hi All,

I am interviewing tomorrow 11/7. They said to arrive by 12:30 and it goes until 3/3:30. I am interested in why I would receive a half day interview when people are receiving full day ones.

I know my credentials surpass what is necessary(High GPA, GRE, and 1000s of hours of healthcare experience), so why would I be slighted?

If anyone knows please help!

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10 hours ago, gb_atc said:


When did you guys get your interview invitations? If you don't mind me asking.

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I applied on 9/15 and received an interview invitation on 10/4. I interviewed on 10/31 and haven't heard back yet. 

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5 hours ago, PAtobe33 said:

Congrats to everyone getting accepted and interviews! For those of you this applies to, would you mind your stats etc? Thanks!


I have a 3.75 GPA, 3.68 sGPA, ~900 healthcare hours as an EMT and ~50 shadowing hours. Also some experience as a TA and in research. Still in my undergrad :)

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Just now, nel5101 said:

@sbfuturepa would you mind explaining how the interview was set up? Was it a group interview or a one-on-one? Any other details you could give would be great! 

The interview is very brief, nothing to worry about!  First you will be given a program overview presentation by faculty members.  Following that, you will watch a short video and be asked to write a reflection.  Very straight forward, nothing you need to prepare for!  Then students will be called back for two-on-one interviews.  The interview itself is about 15 minutes.  You will be asked 3 situational questions if I remember correctly and are required to answer them within the time frame allotted.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Hope this helps, just be yourself! Good luck!

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Guest pasintraining

@nel5101My interview probably only lasted about 10 minutes. I interviewed with 2 faculty members at the same time and the questions were very straight forward. It was by far my most laid back interview and the faculty do a very good job of putting you at ease!  They give a very detailed overview of the program and give you time to ask questions. Good luck :)

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