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Wondering if I am considered competitive, applying to 5 programs through the midwest! 

cGPA: 4.0

sGPA: 4.0

age 22

Healthcare volunteer hours: 400

Shadowing Hours: 100 hours shadowing PAs in different specialties

PCE: 500 but currently adding upon hours as PT tech 

LOR: 5, 2 from professors, 2 from supervisors and 1 from PA 

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Most schools will list the stats of the average student, so if you match up pretty well there, that's a good start. Your GPA will certainly get your app looked at, but it will be the letters of recommendation, PCE/HCE (the type and the amount) and your personal statement that will set you apart in the end. I've met people will stellar GPAs that never even got an interview and people with mediocre GPAs but bomber LORs and a great personal statement that have been accepted at top tier schools.

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