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Mercyhurst 2017-2018

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15 hours ago, Tayhall96 said:

Hello all!

I heard back early this week and am interviewing in September! Can anyone give me some advice or have any comments? Also, what kinds of questions did they ask...if you wouldn't mind mentioning?

Thanks so much in advance! :)

Congrats! They are incredibly nice, and helpful to you. First make sure you follow their instructions, the interview isn't on the main campus but down the road at their building. You'll do a writing sample, a campus tour, a power point, and a interview with the faculty. They may be in different order of how they do things. The power point is to tell you about the program, the tour is beautiful, writing sample isn't bad. The interview is with all the faculty who are present that day, the questions aren't anything you wouldn't expect. Why you want to be a PA, some ethic questions, etc. This was my first interview and I felt it was a good experience, hope you do well!

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On 8/28/2017 at 3:48 PM, Tayhall96 said:

Thank you so much! It'll be my very first interview too and I'm extremely nervous. I've been doing tons of research and still feel unprepared. Do you have any advice on what to focus on or did you bring anything with you?

Know why you want to go to that program, what sticks out to you. My talking points were their community service programs and how I was interested in being involved in them and student government.  Focus on what made you want to be a PA, what a PA is/does, what experience you have, why PA over other healthcare fields, what are your qualitys that make you suited.

I asked ahead of time and I didn't have to bring anything nor was I asked for any documents there, aside from something the secretary specifically asked for from my school, not applicable to you. Do bring a pad/portfolio with questions you want to ask them, and to take notes during presentation for things you want to remember when choosing a program. 

I was extremely nervous going into the interview, but during the power point the director made a point of stopping to say relax. Everyone there for an interview has meet their qualifications and this is just a chance for the program to get to know prospective students. Hope all goes well!

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On 10/16/2017 at 7:09 PM, ans1224 said:

Does anyone have any insight of how many interview slots have been given already? I am very interested in applying but not sure if its just too late in the game or not. 


I am not sure how many people have already been offered interviews or accepted, but the deadline for this program is not until December 1st so if you really like it then it's worth a shot I'd say!

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