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Look at my stats, what do you think?

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Here is my story [condensed]:

applied 2 years ago, made the alternate list in san Antonio (was not accepted)

Had a beautiful baby, did not apply this past year

I am in the process of applying this year with a goal of submitting my application by May 2012

I am taking an EMT-B class this month, ends in June

I have shadowed a new PA, and shadow a former PA

Volunteering numbers a low, I am gathering my resources to volunteer at the food bank as I cannot find a better fit for my sisters and I (I am very pro-college! My younger sisters need to invest their time now, so that they can list this as volunteerism, reflection, etc when they apply to school)

I took comparative anatomy and I am looking into taking A&P this summer (So this will be in -progress)


I have a C in organic chemistry, I don’t know if I should re-take this course.


What do you all think?

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Sound good. If you're looking for more volunteering opportunities try volunteering at a hospital or in an ER. In my opinion, shadowing time counts more than volunteering but you need hours in both. Keep shadowing, it shows you're still interested. Keep your GPA up, if you've taken comparative anatomy already then you should make an A in A&P. If you feel like you understand organic chemistry, in my opinion, you won't gain anything by retaking it. Plus- your time would be better spent taking Immunology or Patho, or some other course that will give you a head start in PA school. The EMT classes should give you a head start too, a lot of applicants don't have any medical experience or specifically medicine oriented classes.


Be sure to stay active in organizations, a lot of clubs and honors societies provide volunteer opportunities for their members. Join Honors Programs if you can, if it is down to an honors student and another applicant with the same GPA, same interview scores, etc.. the honors student is going to get it.


I would say mention your years of interest in the PA profession in your personal statement, it shows that you're still dedicated and you have your eye on the prize. Your personal statement is the first impression the admissions committee will have of you, and it needs to stand out. Out of thousands of applicants, 200 might get interviews and 90 get spots.


There is a guide book for applying to PA schools by Andrew Rodican (?) it might help you prepare for application and interview season.


Best of Luck!


Hannah UTMB Class of 2014

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Thank you sincerly for the post!

I am a UTSA graduate (Local universty in San Antonio Texas) **I took extra courses to continue meeitng the requirements as some of the schools admission requirements have changed ---

I have volunteered for a local ER at UH in San Antonio, so I thought of perhaps diversity and volunteerig in a different service meanwhile adding the enrichment opportunity to my youger siblings.

You are right, now many have experience and I am one of those applicants who lacks medical experience. I do have a good volume of shadowing, however I lack in volunteering. I will turn that around for this application process.

I cannot take honors courses as I have already graduated.

UTMB is a program I would LOVE TO attend. I thank you personally for the guidance and I will take your word for taking immuno or patho vs organic chem.

Thank you again!

BTW you rock! Congrats on getting in! I hope to maybe see you at UTMB if I am competative engough and fortunate to gain admissions!

Cheers!!!!! :;-):

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I am interested in my odds as well. I am currently a junior in undergrad. I'm a psych major, but taking all of the pre-pa classes as well. Right now, I have a 3.3 and 2.8 science. I have a number of different volunteer hours and some shadowing. Buuuut I am from out of state (WI). I still have to take o chem, immunology, biochem, and the second A&P so I still have time to raise my science gpa, which is what is hindering me the most.

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I have a overall gpa 3.1 with a bachelor of science in biology from TAMU. I have been a EMT-B for 2 years and just got my paramedic cert and currently working at a 911 service. I have been shadowing PA's and will have about 200 hours of shadowing at the time of application submission. I have retaken anatomy I got an A and retaking stat and anatomy II. Last 30 hours gpa of 3.5 and 3.0 science gpa. Do I have a chance? If not what can I work on? Im thinking I will not get in first time around and plan to work and apply again.

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@hann47. I think the fact that you have experience plays in your advantage. However, from what I'm reading of your post, you say you re-took/are retaking 3 classes. Make sure to mention that in your personal statement and address that. Re-taking classes, especially if it's more than one doesn't look good. I definitely think you have a good chance of getting in. Grades aren't everything. They are looking at you as a whole. Do you have leadership roles? Community service? Things like that? That is important as well. Grades aren't something that you can change once it happens, but your personal statement can set you apart from the rest and is something that is in your control. Make sure to make that count.


I'm a first year at UTMB. Love it here! :)

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