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New PA need contract advice

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I am a new Ortho PA. I graduated in 2010 and was immediately accepted into an orthopedics residency which I completed in November. I live in So. Cal, 60 miles east of Los Angeles and had difficulty finding a job where I didn't have a long commute so I recently took a position with a wound care specialist part time. I was offered $45 to start with an increase to $54 after training which they designated as 90 days. I really like the practice and the doc but she is talking about me coming on full time in the next couple of months because she just got a contract with a large medical with multiple locations.


My dilemma: If I start full time with this doc I wil no longer be able to work at my second part time job (fee for service job with VA 75-100/pt, currently work for them 2 days/week) and will stop looking for an ortho position so I would like to ask her for benefits. I would like to ask for the practice to pay for my credentialing, $1000 for CME per year, and a 401K. Ideally I would like to ask for yearly bonus based on my billing. I don't want medical or dental benefits because I am covered by my husband.


Is this proposal fair? Feedback is appreciated.

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