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Preceptor given eval info from prior rotation - violation of privacy?

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Has anyone encountered a situation where very early on in a rotation, your preceptor, in an unfriendly way, makes a comment along the lines of 'I heard you had conflicts / issues on one of your prior rotations'?   

I have 4 excellent rotation experiences with above average evaluations and great constructive comments for continuing to develop as a future clinician.  I have 1 rotation that was a miserable experience in almost every way, but I made the best of it, even though the preceptor took a personal dislike to me (evident in quite a bit of overcompensating some of the positive aspects of my eval while being scathing in others).  

This new rotation is rapidly developing as another bad experience - toxic office environment, as everyone is tense, figuratively tiptoeing around and looking over their shoulders; staff and clinician turnover is high - due to highly critical, demanding, volatile boss/doctor (& backed by his office mgr wife - yes, I know what that adds to the mix).  I'm not a good fit and can't function well, or learn well, here, but I was going to try to ride it out (it's only 6 weeks).   

However, no surprise, I'm not excelling here and part of his very brief feedback on how I had better improve my game included the above comment about my one bad prior rotation experience.  

I was quite taken aback.   The more I've mulled it over, the more concerned I've become.   Is a preceptor (who is not otherwise active in the PA program, not a guest lecturer or anything) considered 'faculty' and thereby has some 'right' or 'privilege' to see records of your prior performance?   Or did someone in our administration violate my privacy by sharing?   And in doing so, I suspect, predisposed this preceptor in their interactions in my learning experience?  

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