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Heritage University 2017-2018

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Thought I might go ahead ad get this thread started. I unfortunately missed the early deadline :/ good luck to those of you who will be getting an interview soon!

Submitted my application on the 7/5, my application was received on 7/8. Here's to patiently waiting!

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On ‎7‎/‎13‎/‎2017 at 6:29 AM, vikster said:

Hey, y'all! I would love to hear when people start getting interview invites. I submitted my app on 06/14 and am still waiting. 


On ‎7‎/‎17‎/‎2017 at 2:18 PM, iawai0505 said:

Glad to hear this. I submitted mine early June and have yet to hear anything!

I wouldn't be too worried if I were either of you as I feel like they will be in contact soon if not before mid-August to set up the early interview for you guys. Good luck and let us know if you hear anything!

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4 hours ago, 5280PAprospect said:

 Congrats to all who were accepted! I'm interviewing 10/20. Any pearls of wisdom? ☺

Congrats to you for earning yourself an interview. I know it sounds cliché but I think just be yourself because that’s who they want to see and hear from. Try not to let nerves get the best of you. Your app is obviously good enough to get you an interview, so now, you just have to let them see those qualities that they liked on paper. Of course be prepared for those typical interview questions  

Talk to your fellow candidates, be cordial and interact with them as much as possible; they are your possible classmates. 

Understand the mission of the school and how it aligns with your goals because you’re also trying to see if it’s the good fit for you. 

The interviewers were actually pleasant people and weren’t trying to trip you up or make it an unpleasant inquisition. 

Break a leg! 

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Not withdrawn, they're just not permitted to admit a cohort this year. Below is the email: 

"I am sorry to tell you that the interview session you were scheduled for on October 21st must be canceled. We have been informed by the ARC-PA, our accrediting body that we are not to begin a new cohort for the 2018-19 school year. We will be taking the 2018-19 academic year to enhance our program to insure that all students in this program receive an outstanding education that prepares them for the realities, and the challenges, of health care.  This information may be upsetting, but we must follow the directive of the ARC-PA. We will contact you when admissions open."

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I verified with Monica Sanchez today, they are on probation and are looking to admit a cohort for 2019-2020. I looked on ARC-PA for anything but all they have is the program listed as on probation with a small reason of the school not supporting the PA program's staff or something along those lines. It doesn't include anything about not being able to sit a cohort this year. Who knows, maybe they'll be updating the site soon once other school visits are concluded.

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Hi all, 

I'm in current cohort 4, and wanted to give you guys a little more information on the whole accreditation issue. Another person on this forum had asked me what had happened with the probationary status, here's what I told her...

"Yes we heard and it is disappointing. Luckily it doesn't have any impact on the current classes, but it is a serious bummer for all those who were accepted for next year. 

The issue with ARC-PA had to do with not having enough staff / processes in place to gather and analyze statistics on the program. It had absolutely nothing to do with the academics. The Heritage program is a little short staffed simply because it is such a new program, and they don't have a designated staff member to do statistical analysis. When the program started, they had help from PNWU (PNWU is the DO school in Yakima, we spend at least 1 day/wk there working with the med students) with the data, but as Heritage grew positions changed and they were for whatever reason, unable to cover that position as well. 

I want to emphasize that the academics of the program are excellent and more than prepare us not only to pass the PANCE, but also be well rounded and proficient PA's. We regularly run scenarios in the SIM lab with the second year DO students, and we feel right on par with them with our knowledge and practical skills (and sometimes even better! :) 

They told us that anyone who was offered a spot will still be offered a spot in the next class, so if things don't go well this application cycle, then it's a nice back up plan. The same goes for anyone who was offered an interview for the November date, they can still interview next cycle." 


I'll try to help answer any other questions you have about Hertiage, interviews, or PA school in general!

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