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New Grad Urgent Care in midwest

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Just wanted to get peoples opinions of this offer. About me; I have 5 years of medical experience as a military medic and so I am very confident in doing procedures like suturing and I&D etc. Just a little hesitant since I will be at the UC as the only provider with a doc on call if needed after a short period of OJT, but is this natural to feel somewhat hesitant with any job as a new grad? haha 

Urgent care in Indiana serving 2 locations: Hours of operation M-F 9am-8pm; Sat and Sun 9am to 3pm (Closed on Holidays). Was told a typical week will be 3-4 days a week and every other weekend (Sat. OR Sun.)

3 year contract with the ability to terminate without penalty if given 120 day notice. They have to give me the same 120 day notice if they are going to terminate me.
 $58.00/hour min of 36 hours/per week (72hrs per pay period); max 140 hrs per pay period (2 weeks)
 $2,000 flex benefits package for CME, license, credentialing etc.
 4 weeks annual paid time off
 Fringe benefits package; health and retirement (not spelled out in contract and I e-mail them for the details)
Malpractice coverage with tail 

Not in contract but was told verbally:
Direct supervision for about a month for training and getting use to everything; then on own with ability to call supervision Doctor at anytime if needed. 




Thanks in advance

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Solo provider as a new grad after a month is a really steep learning curve. Pay is good. If you have to pay for credentialing and licensing, that $2,000 will be almost all gone. Figure out the health/retirement benefits, that can make a huge difference. Did you ask how busy they were? How many patients you're expected to see an hour?

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I worked UC in a major city x 1 year and did not do a lot procedures per day (maybe 1 -2 per 12 hr shift), so all those other patients are "practicing medicine" which being solo is NOT good for a new grad. Think of you sitting in court cause you missed a posterior MI or stroke or PE....Not saying we could not all miss these, but the likelihood of a new grad missing it is a lot higher, plus the court will look at you and think your crazy for being by yourself with zero experience...I would be very carefully, money is not everything at this point. Your training and education is number 1, I would get at least 2 years under your belt before trying to go solo...I would prefer 3-5 years before solo, but...Good luck!

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