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CASPA GPA breakdown. Which ones are important?

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I am very confused by the tremendous breakdown of GPAs by CASPA. I am kinda stunned by their calculation and what's on my transcript.

Cumulative Undergraduate

Baccalaureate Science
Post-Baccalaureate Science
Cumulative Undergraduate Science

Graduate Science
Overall Science
Baccalaureate Non-Science
Post-Baccalaureate Non-Science
Cumulative Undergraduate Non-Science
Graduate Non-Science
Overall Non-Science


Okay, what do schools look at exactly when people talk about schools looking at cumulative GPA, post-bac GPA. Mine is a little different because I went to graduate school too and it has a graduate breakdown.

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It depends on the school.  Most schools look at your overall CPA as their "cumulative GPA", and your overall Science as the "cumulative" Science GPA.  

There are a few schools that will ONLY look at the undergraduate cumulative numbers (bachelors degree level work, plus post-bacc).  One of those actually told me that they thought it 'leveled the playing field' for their applicants.    

There are a few schools that look at your last 60 (or 75 or some other number) hours and give that additional consideration.  

Most schools are going to look at trends as well (one reason for the yearly breakdowns for your 1st bachelor's degree).  

CASPA just collects the info and processes it.  Each school chooses how to use it.  

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