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Psych offer review? Pigeon-holed? HELP PLEASE.

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Hi all. I am a new grad who has been offered a position in inpatient psychiatry at $90K. M-F, no weekends, no holidays for 6 months. Then I will be transitioned to 3 12's in admissions. 7A-7P. All benefits included. CME of $2000. Retirement match 200%. 3 weeks vacation. 2 weeks sick. 5 PTO days. It is an "at-will" position with the welcome letter acting as a "contract". Is this reasonable? Should I counter the salary? HELP!

Also, do you think if I take psych as my first job that I will be pigeon-holed in the future? Say if I want to move to something more general? This is my only concern. I love mental health and I enjoy the inpatient psych facility, I just want options to still be there if I decide to move.


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