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Is now the right time to apply?

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Hi guys,

So I know I'm pretty late for applying this cycle but my only reason for delaying is to meet the requirements of the many schools that require 1000 hours of HCE/PCE.  I'm literally at 920 hours now and in two weeks I will be at 1000 hours.  As of right now I plan on applying then but I'm wondering if schools with the requirement of 1000 with accept my 920+ hours since I will continue working all the way up until the start of class.


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Based on the deadlines it seems like we are still relatively early but PA school operate on rolling admissions even if they act like they don't.  Likewise, assuming most applicants applying early are the typical type A individuals they, for the most part, will have the best applications and will be getting selected for interviews right away filling up the spots before people like us turn in our applications.

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I applied early August for a school that started the following August and got in. I don't think it's late at all. It's better to have all your stuff done in order to have a stronger application. Best of luck.
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I don't necessarily agree with this, especially not for rolling admission schools. I think it is more advantageous to apply early then to gain another 200 hours of experience. On the other hand if you are applying to schools that you know for sure aren't rolling admissions then it might be better to wait. I guess it depends.

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Most of the schools I was going to apply to require the designated amount of hours by matriculation. I highly doubt, if reflected properly on your application, that will harm you in anyway. As long as you make it crystal clear that you are still currently working full-time towards your PCE/HCE hours. 

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