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I got an offer as new graduate to work night shift in emergency department 


- 60$ per hour for 36 hours/week in 12 hour shifts (I can have as many shifts in a row as I want as long  I do 12 shifts a month)

- minimum of 128 hours a month to get full benefits

- 1 year contract renewed annually

- No PTO

- $1500 CME

- Retirement plan: 5% contribution

- Medical, dental, and disability

- Malpractice coverage with tail

-Non-negotiable contract.

what do you guys think?

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Ehh, I think that is a pretty good offer.  $60 for new grad is good.  Nightshift may need to be considered.  What is the census like? 

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Seems like an average offer for ER. It's hard to get into ER as a new grad so I would take it. But how much doc support will you be getting overnight? That's the most important question. 

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I'd say it all depends on the supervising physician support/training you will receive. If the docs are more then willing to show you the ropes and teach you, then by all means take the job. I did an EM residency my first year out and I took a very large pay cut, but the experience I obtained and excellent support I received from my supervising physicians was absolutely worth it. Now going into my second year I feel comfortable and confident in my ability to handle whatever walks in through the door, and I am well versed in 95% of the procedural skills needed in the ER, Including bedside US.

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      New grad and wanted to ask a few questions. Most things on contract seem great but I have a few questions:
      They are offering claims made coverage with full tail, is this equivalent to occurrence coverage? 
      90k salary, 3k sign on bonus, no production bonus. Should I be getting a production bonus? If so, what is a normal %? Minimal call
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      I am an experienced PA with 6.5 years total experience  - 3 years in surgery and 3.5 years in dermatology.  
      I got a job offer in major city in North Carolina.
      $120 K base Salary 
      4.5 day workweek, avg. 30-35 patients/day, but they are expecting to see more
      20% production bonus on collections over $250 K after 16 months
      $1500 / year for CME
      $1500 / year for license and DEA
      Malpractice and health insurance
      3 weeks for vacation/sick/CME; 4 weeks after 1 year
      24 month non-compete covering five counties in the metro area where they have offices.
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      -$70,000 for first year
      -Full benefits for me, my wife and dependents
      -3 wks PTO
      -1 wk CME with $2,000 allowance
      -malpractice covered
      -society/membership fees covered (to a point)
      -noncompete for 2 years in 8 mile radius
      -second year will get a raise and will be base salary plus production bonus (no specifics on how much raise or bonus structure)
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