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45 minutes ago, smartypagirl said:

I'm from Brooklyn but I also want to cut down on the commute and move closer to campus. The Towers does look pretty expensive so I'm looking for more affordable options.

Yes, I live on Long Island and would like to move closer to campus as well.

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Hey guys. Here's some advice I gave to a girl who was accepted who's coming to the city from cali. It's mostly for people coming from outside of NYC. Hope it helps.

First off absolute basics. New York has 5 boroughs, and the main one everyone thinks about is manhattan island, which is were the school is. The school is in the neighborhood of Harlem which is roughly from 110th street to 155th st. (NYC is on a grid so it's pretty easy to figure out by looking at a map) If you're looking for housing I'd suggest looking either in Harlem or in the next neighborhood uptown  which is Washington Heights. (I live in Washington Heights on 170th). I ride my bike to school from 170th and it takes about 15-20 min at an easy pace. If you live any further away it would probably worth getting a bike or even a monthly metrocard ($121/month). One of our classmates lives in Inwood which is at the very top of manhattan ~190 - 215th St. and she takes the train to school. 

Ok now for actually looking for housing.

don't use craigslist. (it can work but it's mostly a waste of time)

Broker's Fees suck but they make it easy to find a place. Normal is anywhere from 10-15% of annual rent.

if you're not using a service to find a place, be really cautious. It's super easy to get scammed. If it seems too good to be true. it is.

working in person is best, but I know that with moving to the city that can be hard.


Sites to use:


Gypsy Housing or Ghostlight Housing on Facebook (preformers usually post their stuff there)




Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Hello everyone! In the acceptance letter they mentioned a couple of academic and social events that mark entry into the program. Would anyone know dates to these events or past dates of these events? Thank you!

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Hey guys ! I’m a current student and I was also from out of state, Texas. I live right next to campus, a block a way. We are with the Sophie Davis medical program and majority of them live in my building. I actually went on there Facebook page for off campus housing. And I messaged random people to figure out the living situation. I had a upper class men who has already graduated, help me look around apartments for me or I either FaceTime the students. My roommates are current medical students, and usually they start looking for occupants around May and June. 


Also, there is a facebook group for your class, definitely look it up and join. Get to know your future classmates, some may be coming from the same state ! 


Good luck! 

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On 4/24/2018 at 7:30 PM, ChrisMo said:

Hello everyone! In the acceptance letter they mentioned a couple of academic and social events that mark entry into the program. Would anyone know dates to these events or past dates of these events? Thank you!

There's two major commitments prior to starting classes. Well, at least there were my year. It'll probably follow the same way this year.

The first is Harlem Hospital Orientation. Our year it was a few weeks before classes started meaning that some people had to fly in just for the 1 day orientation. It's a full day thing (lunch not provided, bring cash). As part of it, you'll also have to do a urine test and a N-95 Respirator fit test. (All to make sure you can actually work in the hospital when the time comes)

         Also, keep in mind that the hospital sets the date for the orientation, so the school doesn't have a say as to when that happens

The other is 1 week of orientation immediately before classes. It seems annoying, but it's actually pretty cool. There's boring days of sitting in a classroom and going over policies and what's expected, but there are also usually some fun activities around town. It's also a good time to start getting to know your neighborhood for those of you moving.

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No more PA Club until August!

Hey everyone! I have some unfortunate news about PA club. I didn't realize this before but we actually don't host club hours during the summer semester. So going forward until late August there will no PA club. If you have any questions you'd like to have asked, please don't hesitate to message me. I apologize for my mistake. I hope it's not too much trouble.

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@blee100, The program starts mid-late August. For example in 2017 we had a 1 week orientation starting Aug-14, and then classes started on Aug-24.  Expect every year to start around that time. 

As far as rotations go, we haven't started rotations yet, so I can't give you too many details. I can tell you that students have no bearing on where they're placed. The list of locations changes every year, and 2 women are in charge of placing everyone. I live about 2 blocks from Columbia Presbyterian so I was hoping to do a rotation there, but I don't even think we've ever worked with them, so It's probably a no-go. 

I wish I had better news, but that's that. If you have specific questions, you can shoot an e-mail to Ms. Emilia Medina-Colon, or Ms. Michelle Twito. They are the clinical year coordinators. They might be able to give you a better idea of where they send people. (both of their contact info is on the website)

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