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    • By Jd250
      Hi all, 
      I'm new to the forum but was hoping to request assistance in an important decision.
      I applied to several programs in the current cycle and have received a few interview invitations and, more recently, my first two acceptances. I was offered a seat in the St. John's University (SJU) MSPAS class of 2023 and the Touro University California (TUC) MSPAS/MPH Class of 2023. I currently live in New York and it is generally more in line with my career goals (to practice in NY) to select SJU. However, I am also very interested in obtaining my MPH (which is why I applied to a school in California in the first place) as I hope to take on research initiatives in the future (both community and clinically based) and hopefully take on a more community and program leadership role several years down the road. Both programs seem very academically strong and have a focus on working with underserved communities (which I am oriented towards) so I am not worried about that when considering my options. The clear distinction is that TUC is in a much more rural environment than SJU but I don't feel this impacts my decision one way or another as I am very open to the new experience of living in a rural environment.
      The areas where I am truly torn between, and what raise my dilemma, are:
      Cost effectiveness of education & Time: Upon comparing the costs of attending both universities for 3 years, SJU is only ~$15,000 cheaper. This makes TUC more cost effective/efficient in my eyes. I would of course be taking on a more busy schedule with TUC to obtain both degrees in 33 months, but I believe I am ready to do this. Financially speaking, it seems that the cost of living for both schools and their associated regions would be more or less the same (which is overall not cheap). I do, of course, realize that I can also always obtain my MPH further down the line and potentially have my employer pay for it so I would still save the aforementioned $15,000 if i select SJU. I would also save some associated costs of relocating to a different state and traveling between NY and CA during holidays/breaks over the 3 years. Training in a different state: To those who trained outside of the state which they intended/planned to practice, do you feel this has impacted your preparedness to practice in your desired state? After taking a dive into the NY and CA PA laws, it seems there are not drastic differences between supervision laws of practicing PA's. Of course, this is while taking into consideration the new bill that will take effect in California starting Jan 2020, which removes several supervision criteria for PA's such as countersignature. Therefore, i would not be worried about training in California and then returning to New York as practice and supervision laws would be rather similar. I don't feel that there is a "wrong" decision that I can make here and I am just trying to find what would best benefit my education while keeping my career goals in mind.
      Please let me know if there are factors that I am failing to acknowledge. Any and all input is greatly appreciated.
      Thank you all!
    • By jspreen
      Just wanted to start a thread for this upcoming year!
      Verified 6/7...
      CGPA- 3.83
      Patient Care - 1300 (EMT) , 150 ( voulenteer pt aid)
      5 letters of rec
      Good luck
    • By tareyng
      I am taking a gap year following my undergraduate at the University of Idaho, and applying this cycle in May of 2019. I am terrified of being denied entry, I feel that there isn't much that stands out in my application. I am doing an impressive internship this summer, but will be applying before it begins. I hope to matriculate into a surgical career, but am keeping my options open at this point. Please give me your 100% candid feedback. I'm an Idaho resident, from a medically underserved area btw. 
      cGPA: 3.54
      sGPA: 3.5
      Paid PCE: ~800 hours as a surgical floor CNA
      Unpaid PCE: 221.25 hours ED volunteer 
      Scribe Hours: 45 hours Free clinic 
      PA shadowing: 80 hours (FP, Surgical Speciality)
      MD shadowing: 15 hours (FP, Orthopedic Surgeon) 
      Volunteer hours: ~300 Muscular Dystrophy Association, Environmental, Greek 
      Definitely applying to: Northern Arizona, Samuel Merritt University, Western University of Health Sciences, Idaho State University, Cornell University, PACE University (Lenox Hill) 
      Maybe applying to: Carroll University, Salus University, Sullivan University, Albany Medical College, Touro University 
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