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'17-'18 applicants for C.O. 2020

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Good luck to everyone interviewing today! I am a current student in the Class of 2019 and was in your shoes last cycle (and the cycle before that). Harding is a great program and really does a good jo


Currently on waitlist but will be denying. The facilities here are sad to be honest. Faculty was unaproachable and unprofessional.  Good luck to everyone! Explore your options people!! 

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4 minutes ago, shockingashley said:

My husband was placed #16 on the alternate list. Does anyone know how many students they accepted from the alternate list in the past?

I'm in the program now. Last year I believe they got to alternate #3 or #4 but the year before, they went into the teens. It really does vary. Mrs. Murphy does an excellent job of updating the tracker in real time. He's not out of the running yet, wish you and your husband the best!

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[mention=139306]TXPA5[/mention] Do you (or anyone else) know how many people have actually accepted their offer? Just curious if there will be any more movement in the waitlist [emoji28]

If you go on the website it will say which alternate they have offered acceptance to. I think they are on #10 from the last time I looked.
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