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The Society of Point of Care Ultrasound (SPOCUS.org)  has gotten a multitude of requests to host POCUS workshops, in a variety of clinical applications.  We are establishing a cadre/speakers bank and are actively looking for clinicians who are POCUS competent, and wish to teach at local/national conferences.


Are there any members on here interested?

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    • By rev ronin
      Looking to upgrade to the Butterfly iQ+, but I'm not going to need two probes, and nor am I independently wealthy, so my old iQ could be yours!  $1000, with optional hard case ($99 value), original charger included.  Lightning (iPhone/iPad) connector, 15 months old, works great, original price $2000, which is the full price of the new iQ+.  Does not work with all lightning Apple devices--the display device processor is used to render the images, so it needs a relatively current device. You will also need to buy a cloud membership from Butterfly to take full advantage of it. Ultrasound gel not included, but Amazon has that cheap.
      If you're a student in a program that teaches POCUS, this may give you a leg up on your peers.  If you're a PA wanting to carry this with you to an austere environment, it's pretty slick. Or, if you want a device to check lungs for COVID, it'll do that too.
    • By LaurenM14
      I am a PA in Massachusetts working in orthopedic surgery, We just obtained an Ultrasound machine at our private practice so that I might start doing ultrasound guided injections.
      1.) Does anyone know what the MA laws are regarding PA's formally documenting interpretations of ultrasounds for diagnostic purposes?
      2.) What point do you have to check in order to be a reimbursed procedure?
      3.) Any tips for keeping sterile technique with the gel?
    • By SEMPA
      Registration Now Open for SEMPA 360!
      Make a difference in your practice by joining us for SEMPA 360, March 16-20, 2020, in Chicago, IL for the most in-depth and comprehensive educational experience available for EMPAs.
      Register Now To:
      Increase your depth and breadth of medical knowledge Take your emergency medicine skills to the next level with hands-on workshops Learn about the specialty’s latest tools, trends and techniques Connect with colleagues from across the country Build a network of likeminded people And much, much more!  
      And if you register today, you can take advantage of
      the deeply discounted early-bird rates!
    • By SEMPA
      This course is designed to be a "scan and surf" adventure with the education ending at 2 pm each day so participants have time to enjoy the location. With so much to do in Huntington Beach and the hotel offering a Beach Amenities Program, the SEMPA Ultrasound Course is the perfect balance of education and fun!
      The course will provide point-of-care ultrasound training to physician assistants working in emergency medicine. Didactic sessions will focus on concise, useful information, images, and video. Most importantly, participants will have the opportunity to learn the necessary skills through hands-on teaching and practice on models under the guidance of experienced faculty and sonographers. 
      Upon completion of this program participants should be able to:
      List the standard views or “windows” for each of the six primary areas of emergency ultrasound - trauma, aorta, biliary, cardiac, pelvic and procedural applications
 Accurately interpret point of care ultrasounds
 Demonstrate the standard views or “windows” for each of the six primary areas of emergency ultrasound - trauma, aorta, biliary, cardiac, pelvic and procedural applications
 Limited to 50 participants 1:5 faculty to student ratio Hands-on scanning of live models Simulation technology incorporated Lots of practice time Earn CME towards your EM-CAQ Faculty from emergency ultrasound fellowship programs Learn the core applications to emergency ultrasound Meals included Time to enjoy all Huntington Beach has to offer For more information and to register:
    • By tavenne323
      I am trying to show the ortho practice that I work for that investing in a good US machine and training me (and a few other PAs) on how to use it to diagnose would be beneficial.
      Does anyone know where I could find statistics on the cost effectiveness, accuracy compared to MRI, % of practices that currently use US... etc.
      I've been digging into journals for most of my information but they like to see numbers from reputable sources.
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