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Hi everyone! I recently got a derm offer. Been working in urgent care for the past year and now transitioning to derm. If anyone could give me any input/advice, that would be greatly appreciated! Here's the offer I have.


- Starting pay for the first 3 months 50 hourly (this is my current pay at my current job), I'll be working part time the first two months and transition to full time

- After 3 months I'll be bumped up to 55 hourly

- No additional bonuses/incentives in terms of % collections, which is okay with me since this is my stepping stone into derm

- 2 weeks PTO

- Apparently the doctor hasn't been doing sick days/sick pays with his other employees but I told him I wanted 5 sick pays and he said he would get back to me

- 1 week paid week for CME also will cover for registration fees, will cover for licensing fees/renewals

- Major paid holidays off

- Health benefits

- No 401k but IRA?


Thank you in advance!

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