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Jobs with Loan Repayment....how rare?

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Hi everyone,

I will soon be starting PA school in the fall. I am currently looking at several routes of paying off my future student debt and thought about jobs that help with loan repayment. How rare is it to come across jobs that will help pay off student debt? If so, how much do they typically help out with?

Thanks so much!

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Pretty rare.  If they assist, it likely won't put a dent in the average PA school debt and probably come with strings attached (2-3 year commitments).


This should not be your plan for repaying your loans.  Consider that if you find a job with repayment it's just icing on the cake, not plan A.


If you want guaranteed repayment you'll have to consider NHSC repayment plans (or apply for the scholarship route).  Or the military (maybe?).  I would say PSLF but that's a risky gamble these days.

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